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QUICK Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) Builder

The Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) is sometimes referred to as a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Job Task Analysis (JTA). The AHA is a great tool for preventing jobsite accidents, if used correctly. The AHA is designed to focus on the relationship between jobsite tools, equipment, people, materials and the work environment. Ultimately, this pre-planning measure (AHA development) will help to prevent jobsite accidents, increase production and lower workers' compensation costs.

Developing an AHA is easy and fast once you learn the system. You will never have to re-enter the same AHA steps, hazards or controls for any AHA you create. For example if you need to create three AHA's all of which have welding hazards involved, you need only enter the welding hazards once. The hazards, steps and controls are now in the database and available for use with other AHA's. The database becomes more powerful after the development of every AHA.